OpenAi provides with an API that allows developers to include the usefulness of ChatGPT into other applications. I imagine ChatGPT becoming Jarvis (Iron Man's personal assistant) some day in the near future, with access to our calendar, emails, and personal information.

I wanted to take advantage of this API and a library called Langchain, which makes it easy provide the GPT model with external data from other applications or, in this case, text files stored in an AWS S3 bucket. I chose plain text files because I discovered that structuring the data does not improve the engine's understanding of it.

To simplify the development I used a free API from Chat Engine. This allowed me to easily handle authentication, chat management, and websockets.

The backend uses an Express server and the front-end is a React project created using Vite.




React, NodeJS




OpenAI API, Chat Engine, Express, AWS S3